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Social Performance

Our Social Commitments in Practice at the Mako Mine

Toro works with and listens to the concerns and interests of local communities and will seek to ensure that they benefit from its presence on a long term basis through opportunities such as employment, local procurement and contracting, livelihood restoration and improvement, and social investment.

All development activities will be subject to a social impact assessment in advance, with the aim to avoid or mitigate negative impacts.  A process of prior, informed consultation and participation is conducted with communities affected by any development activity – involving early, broad and iterative engagement.  An engagement system has been established for the Mako Mine to enable continual interaction with affected parties, including a Consultative Committee that comprises elected representatives of local communities.

Toro will endeavour to avoid and minimize the requirement for involuntary resettlement, and compensate fairly for adverse effects on the community where resettlement cannot by avoided. Development of the Mako Mine avoided the requirement for physical displacement of settlement areas and resulted in only limited economic displacement. Formal negotiations were undertaken with local communities to define the land acquisition process under which the livelihood and quality of life of those affected will be measurably improved.

Toro supports human rights throughout its activities, including its approach to working conditions for employees, special sensitivity towards dealing with indigenous peoples, conducting security operations, and in seeking to ensure that local communities benefit from our presence. Our employees and communities in which we operate have access to an understandable, fair, transparent and effective grievance management system.