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Our Workforce

Toro recognises that its workforce is a highly valuable asset and it will pursue continual improvement in health and safety performance with the goal of zero harm, taking all practical and reasonable measures to eliminate workplace fatalities, injuries and diseases among employees and contractors.

In 2018, our safety statistics for the Mako Mine performed well above industry benchmarks:

 Measurement Comparison *Mako Mine
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) **2.11.5
* Government of Western Australia, 2018
**The number of occurrences of Lost Time Injuries for each one million hours worked


We are committed to employing a talented and diverse workforce, respecting the principles of equal opportunity and fair treatment. The Company will implement policies and practices designed to eliminate harassment and unfair discrimination.

Toro is committed to maximising the opportunity for local economic participation and has established a preferential local employment policy for the Mako Mine.  Employees are recruited and promoted based on experience and capacity, with preference given to local inhabitants.  This is underpinned by a comprehensive training and skill development programme to ensure our employees reach their full potential.  The Mako Mine operation employs approximately 90% Senegalese nationals, of which 55% are from the Kédougou Region.