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Environmental Performance

Mako Gold Mine: Protecting and Enhancing the Environment Around us

Toro is committed to operating in an environmentally-responsible manner to minimise the impact of its development and operational activities and enhance the environment around its projects as far as is practicable.

We will pursue continual improvement in environmental performance issues, such as water stewardship, energy use and pollution mitigation. We will work with our host communities and regulators to manage and monitor the impacts of our activities.

A comprehensive programme of environmental monitoring occurs at the Mako Mine, including: air quality, water quality, noise and vibration, and biodiversity. Toro aims to keep environmental performance in-line with our SPF and the permitting commitments detailed in the ESIA.

Toro operates water and tailings storage facilities at the Mako Mine. We review and audit operations to ensure that our management practices maintain the integrity of these facilities and minimise the risk of catastrophic failures. The tailings storage facility for the Mako Mine has been designed and will be operated to contain all potentially contaminated waters, including run-off and discharge from the Waste Rock Dump, ore stockpiles, mining operations and the Process Plant.

Beyond the Mako Mine, the Company will continue to follow good international practice in the management of impacts and risks arising from its development activities, through an appropriate mitigation hierarchy and evaluation of all technically and financially feasible alternatives.  This will include a pre-development baseline that provides a robust understanding of any project’s area of impact and influence; and an environmental management and monitoring system to review and mitigate adverse impacts through subsequent phases of development.

Toro started work on the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Mako Mine early in the development cycle to ensure that environmental and social considerations were embedded in the project design from the earliest stages. The ESIA concluded that the Mine can be developed, operated and closed in a manner that should provide a net socio-economic benefit to the local communities and to Senegal without compromising the integrity of key environment features, in particular the Gambia River and Niokolo-Koba National Park.

View the Mako Project ESIA