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Biodiversity Conservation

Toro recognises that some of its projects are located in areas of ecological value, and is committed to managing biodiversity in a scientifically sound, inclusive and transparent manner. In areas of Natural or Critical Habitat, our activities will be designed to avoid significant habitat conversion or degradation. The Company has developed an over-arching Biodiversity Strategy to describe the holistic, landscape-level approach, designed to achieve a no net loss to biodiversity as a whole and an overall net gain for impacts to Critical Habitat.

Where projects occur in proximity to sites of international importance for biodiversity, such as protected areas, the Company will engage proactively with responsible parties, to align with their policies on biodiversity management, and to bring expert scientific support to bear through an independent advisory panel.

To mitigate the residual impact of the Mako Mine on biodiversity, Toro is implementing an offset programme that encompasses areas within and adjacent to the Niokolo-Koba National Park to achieve an overall “net gain” to biodiversity, including species protection and improved habitat connectivity. The programme is being implemented through an innovative partnership between protected area authorities, communities, and NGOs based on integrated and participatory approaches to land-use planning.  The design and implementation of the offset programme is guided by an independent Advisory Panel comprising both national and international international experts in land use planning, livelihood restoration, primatology and conservation, and local culture.